This series tells the story of refugees from Chechnya. A cancer patient father, mother and their 13 year old daughter emigrated to the city of Steyr 3 years ago, they live in apartments provided by the Red Cross and are waiting for their documents. The father is undergoing the cancer treatment, the mother is busy with her small desserts business, the daughter goes to a local school and already speaks good German. This is a story about gaining freedom away from your familiar reality and finding new meanings and new hopes. It's the a chance to find a home away from home.
The project tells about women who live in a patriarchal post-Soviet societies. Moreover, it is often in such societies that women are left alone with their children. They exist in the male world, while being excluded from it. I am trying to study this strange phenomenon by observing how women create and maintain their own communities or exist one-on-one with an unsightly reality collapsing before their eyes.
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